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0 votes
Before I could see the cantons when I was on the regions tab, but this is now gone, so I'm left with the 2000+ communes from the county tab. However I can now see some other divisions (seems to be regions) which I can choose under the county button, which weren't there before.
Is this a bug? Or an incomplete feature?
in Bug reports by pingurus (2.2k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer
The regions were brought in line with but when I checked at this moment the kantons are shown again. There were already quite a few queries on this and it was also meshing with the challenges.
by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)
edited by vogelbird (Expert)
On my map for Switzerland under the regions tab I seem to see the cantons and under the county tab I see the municipalities. And that’s absolutely fine, I would not want any change. (The regions for Switzerland are nonsene anyway.)