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+2 votes
When going  to my 'Profile stats' page, there is a red message saying 'Your stats are hidden from other'.

What does that mean, and where can I change it?
in Support and help by The Vikings (160 points)
The link you sent is about statistics not shown at, my question was about this message in Project-GC.

1 Answer

–1 vote
When you go to

and click on "Settings" you will see a checkbox "Hide my profile stats from others". Uncheck it, click on "Save" and you should be good.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Well, no. I guess there's some error in the system, and that the original question might be about the same I experienced.

A few days ago my statistics page started to claim that I had hidden it from others. Which I certainly didn't - I hadn't even authenticated project-gc so I wasn't even able to do.

I just signed up to fix this, and found that in my profile the box is unchecked, while the statistics page still says it's hidden from others (and wrongly claims it was me who did it). I also tried to hide and unhide them again, which seemed to do nothing.
I finally found the settings you mentioned. There was no tab or button called 'Settings' but it was actually a link called 'Would you like to hide these stats'. Clicking on that link I got to a page where the tick box to hide the stats was not ticked. I saved the page once again just in case, and for now it seems to be good - no message that the stats are hidden.
For me this is nit working. I unchecked the box, saved it and it comes back after I click save.
Also, I don't see the 'would you like to Hide these stats ' button anymore
I have the same problem as pingurus, tried on several separate days to change it but it always reverts. I also used to have the “would you like to hide” button.

My stats are (deliberately) hidden, I wish to keep the PGC stats visible independent of them.