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The Daily Cacher

+12 votes
365 consecutive days with finds. Is it fun or drudgery?
I'm glad I'm done.
asked Apr 27, 2017 in Miscellaneous by rendystod (1,460 points)
We were very glad when it was over, a great sense of achievement but its taken a while for our passion for caching to recover!
Congratulations. I'll never do that. Especially because my surroundigs are more or less 'done' so i had to drive a while for the next cache. And that si very challenging after a day of hard work.

46 Answers

0 votes
We are currently over 630 days.  It can be difficult.  We are also working on the Shades of Green challenge, where you need at least 11 for every calendar day.  We have been caching for 2.5 years, so it is tough! Many days we need 10 caches, especially in November and December. But, the challenge motivates us to get out and find some. Get out and walk and get some exercise.  We have completed the 4 matrixes and a local 360 degree challenge. These challenges give us goals! We are now also working on double fizzy and double jasmer!. I guess we are just nuts!!
answered Nov 13, 2017 by Blues Crew (2,240 points)
0 votes
Hi, congratulations!

It is both. I organized a break after 732 days. The last time it was more a drudgery. But now it is a good feeling to reached this goal. I wish you more challenges in next time.
answered Nov 13, 2017 by nico63 (590 points)
0 votes
Hi , I'm in a streak, hoping for the 365 (366 is not possible, next year is no 29. Feb :-( , but now I have made 3 month and it get painful. Also I live in Berlin with lots of caches in the surrounding, it is hard to take the bike every day and drive to the next cache. My wife is not a cache lady, so she has other topics on the weekend for me :-).

Butnevertheless it is a challenge and lets see how far I will get.
answered Nov 14, 2017 by Rolli2 (6,210 points)
0 votes
I can't even imagine people think this is fun!?! Yes, it must be great looking back,  once you've achieved this goal. (If you didn't cheat...) But the process... yuk!

I did a 30 day streak in September and halfway i was already sick of it. But I didn't want to stop, because I hate giving up even more. And I just like to challenge myself.
I picked Sep because I had a lot of free time back then and yet it was still very hard to do.
- Bad weather.
- Easy caches were already found.
- Had to go further and further, so it was more time consuming then expected
- No time to cache because of unexpected events

All of this took the fun away, it started to look like a very boring job. Gave me stress, because I couldn't skipp a day => not enjoyable.

I've noticed a lot of cheating during my only short caching career, and I always wonder who are they kidding anyway? :)
answered Nov 14, 2017 by Sportilicious (1,930 points)
0 votes
No, it's fun and it's still funny. Only during the winter time it could be hard, but you need some backup caches for those winter days.
answered Nov 15, 2017 by SalzburgerIgnore (1,920 points)
0 votes
It's not fun dragging yourself away from family, friends and important date just to get a cache. I got to 175 days and gave up. Now new caches in my area can only be found if you have done a 366 days of caching. Seems a little unfair to people that can't make a daily commitment to a find.
answered Dec 5, 2017 by DARKSIDEDAN (3,660 points)