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If you export a wilson-top-fav to virtualGPS are there the wilsonpoint included or only the cachenames?

Background: I'm looking for a possibility to import the wilsonpoints into GSAK for caches in a local area. And of course I could extract by a script all data from a file. But I need this file ;)

Thank you.
related to an answer for: Download list of top favorites (Wilson)
in Support and help by DieRinner (180 points)

1 Answer

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No, they are not. The GPX format does not have ability to carry this information as it was defined by Groudspeak years ago.

The Project-GC allows you to add a virtual log that contains at least information about number of favorite points and how many percent of PM logs is that.

The example log:

        <groundspeak:log id="-1">
          <groundspeak:type>Write note</groundspeak:type>
          <groundspeak:finder id="0">Project-GC</groundspeak:finder>
          <groundspeak:text encoded="False">&lt;br /&gt;Favorite Points: 8(1%)&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Dogs&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Recommended for kids&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Takes less than an hour&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Available at all times&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Bicycles&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Needs Maintenance&lt;br /&gt;Yes : Park and Grab&lt;br /&gt;No : Available during winter&lt;br /&gt;</groundspeak:text>

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Thank you Jakuje.

Your method is for one cache good - but for more?
I would like to "export" (doesen't mater how) more (e.g. 100%-30%) wilson high rated caches at once.
So I call the wilsonsite, make my filter, and the "export" the first 5 pages.

Therefore I'm looking for a solution.
Thank you.
You can do this filter simply in PGC without GSAK.