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I'm unable to select the results from a challenge checker on my iPhone so that I can copy them into a log

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I'm sure you used to be able to tap the screen and then you could use the select all function to copy the results of a challenge checker so that you could paste the checkers results straight into a log.

The delve that all function works on some other functions and pages just not here from what I can tell. I've just check and I can select all on this text box.

Anyone any idea why? We are planning a road trip soon and will be collecting a lot of challenges and I want to be able to log them correctly from my phone.

asked May 9 in Support and help by Gentabout (110 points)
I'm having a similar issue. On some checkers I can see all of the example log. On others, I can only see a small section and have to scroll down through the log.
When I try to select to copy it, it is very difficult to impossible....
However, on the same checker, if I select another user that has not completed the challenge, their list shows in a much larger box.
Up the 13 steps is one such example GC4R8ZT. When I only had 12 steps complete, I could see all 12 on one page. Now I've done all 13, the visible box has collapsed to 5 lines.
It's funny, but I can "select all" in this box!!!

1 Answer

–1 vote

Did you try maybe different browser?

Finally you can add printscreen... And correct it later. I'm attaching my sample scores using iPhone... Looks normally I suppose.

Congratulations! You qualify for this challenge cache!

 You have found 2148 caches with attributes of the required types. You require 0 more caches with these attributes.

cow-yes.gif You have found 9 caches of type "Watch for livestock". You require 0 more caches of this type.

horses-yes.gif You have found 85 caches of type "Horses allowed". You require 0 more caches of this type.

dangerousanimals-yes.gif You have found 333 caches of type "Dangerous animals". You require 0 more caches of this type.

hunting-yes.gif You have found 50 caches of type "Hunting area". You require 0 more caches of this type.

ticks-yes.gif You have found 787 caches of type "Ticks". You require 0 more caches of this type.

dogs-yes.gif You have found 884 caches of type "Dogs allowed". You require 0 more caches of this type.

answered May 16 by iggyPL (140 points)