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0 votes
Dear all,

I would kindly see a list of all visited caches with favorites.
How can I do this easily?

Thank you for your help, kind regards, July4ers
in Support and help by July4ers (360 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer
I've just tagged my "List finds" non-checker which uses the checker system to display all your finds and include FPs:

It does list all of your finds, but you could copy the table into a spreadsheet and sort by the FP column, then delete the ones at 0FP...
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
selected by July4ers
great, this helps wonderfull, thank you
+1 vote
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (164k points)
unfortunatly this is not exactly what I wanted to see. This is the list about "given favorites" but I would like to see the logged favorites.
You mean a list of all the caches you have logged that have a certain number of favorite points? If you are a paying member of Project-GC, you can do this with the Map Compare page by first creating a Custom Filter that requires the number of FP you want and then adding that to your search.
I am a paying member, but actually I can't see the custom filter .. :-/ .. thank you for guiding thru
You create custom filters via the July4ers -> Custom filters menu item in the far right menu.

In this case, something like this:
- Click New
- Click Add
- Under Favorite points, select "equal or greater than" and the number you want
- Click Add statements
- Click Add to filter
- Add a suitable name
- Click Save

Now you can go to more or less any page on Project-GC and apply this new filter in combination with other standard filters.
Thank you .. I could create the filter (favo >= 1) .. but how can I use this to see all visited and logged caches .. thank you for your last step
+1 vote

Generally, the page Map Compare is misused for such searches. I assume you already have your Custom filter with FP >= 1 created.

Now open the Map Compare page, select your name (do not choose the second name), select "Show: One found", select "Show: Archived, Disabled" and click on Filter.

You should get a map of caches that you found and had at least one FP. Below the map, you can find also the list.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
actually it seems that the custom filter will not yet work proberly with the "deactivatet / inactiv" - one .. but I will try it tomorrow again
so, with a bit more time, also your solution works fine