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0 votes
When you click on a region of Germany in the Maps section of the Profile Stats it displays a map of all counties within the selected region. But for some regions the displayed counties are not correct. I saw two issues in my stats which is Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and Berlin.

The counties map of Niedersachsen shows one county belonging to North Rhine-Westphalia additional to the correct ones in white. I noticed this because I found a cache in all counties of Niedersachsen and NRW so everything should be green but the counties belonging to other regions than the selection are displayed in white (should be grey or not shown at all)

The counties map of Berlin should show Berlin only but instead it shows one county of Brandenburg in the south of Berlin as well in white.
in Bug reports by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
In NRW it is the county "Minden L├╝bbecke" that is shown on the Niedersachsen map and in Brandenburg it is "Dahme Spreewald" that appears on the Berlin map

I was able to reproduce that error for your profile. I could not reproduce it on my profile, but i do not have a found in every county in Niedersachsen.

Maybe this helps the staff here to solve the problem.

1 Answer

0 votes
If looks correct it's a temporary issue.

Such issues can be caused by invalid data from cache owners and for example.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)