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If we have E.C., why not Bio Caches and Botanic Caches?

0 votes
asked Jul 19 in Miscellaneous by RuiASP (180 points)
I recently asked an EC reviewer from Germany. "because of historical reasons" was the answer.

5 Answers

0 votes
It's a choice from GS. I can't explain why geologics more than other life science but maybe there's some good reasons.

It should be very interesting to expand the concept to others sciences (Botanic is a perfect example) but i wonder how GS want to reduce the virtual caches (caches without physical items).
answered Jul 19 by DaneteYaourth (2,030 points)
0 votes
Perhaps it's to promote the 'Geo' in 'Geocaching'. There isn't much else that separates geology from the other fields and yet these others are limited to multi's and puzzles. I think there would be too many types of caches if they included all sciences.
answered Jul 20 by Potatonator (6,550 points)
+4 votes
It was an agreement between groundspeak and the geological society of america. the following link has a brief description. (

ive often thought a history cache  (not sure of the name) would be a good addition where you could highlight a area for a specific historical reason but with its own cache icon. That is very unlikely mind so we will have to stick with trads for the time being
answered Jul 21 by NSCR (3,010 points)
0 votes

I also find that the earthcache is limited to mineralogy, opening to the biology of trees seeing insects would be rewarding ... vote +1

traduit par google du francais

je trouve aussi domage que les earthcache soit limité a la minéralogie, ouvrir à la biologie des arbres voir des insectes serait enrichissants ... vote +1

answered Aug 12 by Chup'a (6,860 points)
0 votes
The field of botanics is just too large. Imagine the number of different species of plants on a single geological feature. Also botanics are not permanent like geological features. They die.
answered Aug 13 by ChrisDen (3,460 points)