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+2 votes
The live map now shows the archived caches by default and the option the remove them is disabled
in Support and help by AngelAppoloin (140 points)
Now, I can't even find the archived caches on the live map.  No option at all to include or exclude

1 Answer

0 votes
Just tried and there seems no error to be here..

The option to include archived caches is there and selectable and works. And i can deselect the archived caches again.
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
I have a basic account so the include archived caches option is disabled.  I should not be seeing the archived caches.  

My quick fix was to use uBlock hide element option
Looks like the problem has been fixed. Last night uBlock was block a 120 elements today it's 11.

Why couldn't the bug do something useful like show the premium caches.
I wanted to identify "archieved" caches but none show up on my Live Map and I see no option to include then ... has this feature been removed, or am I missing something on a menu?

I am a Premium Member for both Project-GC and