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Partnership attribute hasn't updated

0 votes
Hi, I found 2 caches on the 19th and 20th with the Partnership attribute.  All my other P-GC stats are up to date, but the Partnership attribute icon still hasn't changed.

I've run a pocket query for Partnership + Found, and those 2 appear.

barefootguru, caches GC4GA8Y and GC4GA8W.
asked Jul 23, 2017 in Support and help by barefootguru (120 points)

1 Answer

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The reason is that they are not partnership caches they are part of a geotour and you have 4 of that attribute. Partnership has a handshake icon and geotour have a suitcase icon

The only active partnership caches in europe are:


Czech Republic

answered Jul 23, 2017 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
OK, I can see the handshake icon on those 2 in Germany and not my 2…

I was basing the definition on 2 different PQs and assumed the icons on the cache were faulty (as the attribute is so old).  I've checked my PQs (again), and I've definitely selected the handshake icon.

i.e. according to a PQ I've found 2 Partnership caches.

Can I ask where your list is from?  Any ideas on the discrepancy?

I'm pretty bummed, I've missed this rare opportunity now.
I created a custom filter on PGC and required the partnership attribute.

I also tried an PQ for all partneship cache and got the  long result posted below. For some strange reason it includes caches without the attribute. The one you listed above are in the the PQ but the attributes are missing

I guess it is an idea to ask groundspeek why the the PQ and the attributes on the caches does not match
3        Traditional Geocache    Mocki und Focki auf Erkundungstour (1) Geocaching  
by Team Rabbits | GC2E047 | Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Needs maintenance    1.5/2.5
Size: Small    2010-08-24    2016-11-18
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26        Traditional Geocache    TRAIL OF HEROES PARIS 3  
by Nature Needs Heroes | GC2NKPE | Île-de-France, France
My Personal Geocoin Needs maintenance    2/2
Size: Small    2011-05-11    5 days ago*
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7        Traditional Geocache    River Road  
by Parks Canada / Parcs Canada | GC32CA3 | British Columbia, Canada
 Needs maintenance    1.5/1.5
Size: Small    2012-05-18    Today*
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17        Traditional Geocache    In The Fort  
by Parks Canada / Parcs Canada | GC32CAG | British Columbia, Canada
Size: Small    2012-05-18    2 days ago*
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5        Traditional Geocache    Farm View  
by Parks Canada / Parcs Canada | GC32CCT | British Columbia, Canada
Needs maintenance    1.5/1.5
Size: Small    2011-09-01    2017-06-29
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22        Traditional Geocache    Florencia Beach / La plage Florencia  
by Pacific Rim NPR | GC32E4G | British Columbia, Canada
Needs maintenance    3/3
Size: Regular    2012-05-18    4 days ago*
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46        Traditional Geocache    Schooner Cove Trail / Sentier de l’anse Schooner  
by Pacific Rim NPR | GC32G2B | British Columbia, Canada
Size: Small    2012-05-18    Yesterday*
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22        Traditional Geocache    Combers Beach / La plage Combers  
by Pacific Rim NPR | GC32G2D | British Columbia, Canada
Size: Regular    2012-05-18    Today*
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18        Traditional Geocache    Radar Hill  
by Pacific Rim NPR | GC32G2F | British Columbia, Canada
Needs maintenance    1.5/1.5
Size: Regular    2011-09-01    2017-07-05
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207        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Erleuchtung
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8M | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    4 days ago*
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301        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Diorama  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8N | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    5 days ago*
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178        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Sicher ist Sicher  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8R | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    2017-07-11
 Send to GPS
287        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Fingerspitzengefühl  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8V | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    Yesterday*
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742        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Trügerischer Schein  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8W | Niedersachsen, Germany
Travel Bug Dog Tag    2/1
Size: Large    2013-07-15    Today*
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141        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Sesam öffne Dich  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA8Y | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    Today*
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219        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Recycling  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA92 | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    3 days ago*
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99        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Papier ist geduldig  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA93 | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    3 days ago*
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300        Traditional Geocache    Geoheimnisse SchAHAtzsuche: Nadel im Heuhaufen  
by Geoheimnisträger | GC4GA9A | Niedersachsen, Germany
Size: Large    2013-07-15    2017-06-26
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79        Traditional Geocache    Museum of Geocaching  
by evenTeam | GC75CX3 | Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic
Size: Regular    2017-05-09    Today*
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Thanks for your help Target :]  No answers from my posting on GC Forums