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Right now, we have "Caches per Area". It is good to see how many caches are hidden in each (part of a) country. If you leave the filter blank it will show you how many caches are there in each country of the world. That's great.

To find out, where geocaching is most popular, you have to take the size of each country and the population into account.

As done here in 2014:

Would be nice if project-gc had a "TOP Geocaching areas" feature to get up to date results.

in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)

1 Answer

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Those stats are if I understand the request correctly already implemented as checker and more tools as checkers exist at,109

Number of caches by country (percapita and area) (Not a checker) 

Cache per km2 and per population cacher per km2 cacher per 100 000 people

Thes checker will also display the problem with those stats if more filtering are not applied. The result is that caching is most popular in Vatican City State or South Georgia and Sandwich Islands depending if you go by area or population

The only county on the list that are not small by area or small poopulation Norway is the only  large counry that are on the per capita top 10

EDIT: I forgot to read the liked post and noticed that their ranking also used number of active Geocachers and number of event. The checker generator cant do active Geocachers. Event might be possible but I dont remeber the API limitation. A proper PGC stat could include both. 

The linked page are not looking at all countiries since it has Luxemburg as #1 for caches per area where it is reality on #10. If the linked stats are only looking per area they will result in scewed result if you dont include population density in som because countries have large onpopulated aread. Are caching more popular in Denmark or Canada? the caches per capite is cacada is 1.18 times the Denmark but per area it is 0,03. So some compentation has to be done for dencisy, The other way to becayse placs like Hong-Kong wil have  huge population but it is small and there is likly a lack of hiding places there,

Ordred per km^2

#Countrynr cachesPer 100 000PopulationPer km2Area km2Population Density
1Vatican City State121425.17884227.2730.441913.636
8Isle of Man10841282.886844971.895572147.722
9Hong Kong182824.88273467001.65011086630.596

Sorted per capita

#Countrynr cachesPer 100 000PopulationPer km2Area km2Population Density
1South Georgia and Sandwich Islands516666.667300.00139030.008
3Pitcairn Islands23571.429560.043471.191
5Falkland Islands702731.17425630.006121730.211
6Svalbard and Jan Mayen572157.45626420.001620450.043
7Norfolk Island431867.94123021.1943663.944
9Vatican City State121425.17884227.2730.441913.636
10Aland Islands3961364.905290130.255155218.694
11Isle of Man10841282.886844971.895572147.722
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
edited by Target. (Expert)
Thanks for your answer. I will take a look at the checker, but still think that a proper stats page would be better.

We already have a Cache per area stat page, so it should not be too difficult to add the rest.