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Feature Request: Use Delorme polygons as search filters

+4 votes

Hi, I see that there are now Delorme checkers for many states on project-gc.  For example, here is the one for Missouri: 

Inside each polygon there is a label that currently appears to list the name of the polygon and the number of caches found by the user that fall within the polygon.  From Missouri: MO-028 or MO-027 (348 caches found)

FEATURE REQUEST:  Can the links attached to the polygon labels invoke a search of the caches that fall within the polygon?  It would be cool if a search results and map style list was the result of clicking on the link.  


asked Jul 31, 2017 in Feature requests by P98 (310 points)
edited Aug 1, 2017 by P98
This would be a very helpful feature and it seems that the necessary structure is in place now.
Would love to see this feature in place, looks like we are very close from what I can tell.

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