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Map of your trackables

+16 votes
Hello. I would like to have a map where all my trackables currently are. The map shows of each tb the location of the last visit, drop, retrieve and tags the name of the tb (and maybe also a link to the tb) to that location. I have a lot of tbs travelling around and it is difficult to see where all my tbs are currently in the world. That would be a great feature! Best wishes, tarant75
asked Aug 2 in Feature requests by tarant75 (220 points)
I would like to see not only my TB's but also the ones I've discovered.
I like this idea.
Like it too ! May be a dynamic map with filter showing only the current position or last cache visited... Don't know if it's possible to do but it's a great idea.

1 Answer

0 votes
Da es bisher noch kein Feedback gab, ist es möglich diese großartige Idee im Rahmen von Project-GC umzusetzen?

Since there has been no feedback, it is possible to implement this great idea within Project-GC
answered Aug 12 by The4Hasards (1,350 points)