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I've some "Customer Filters", the one you PGC gave as example and made some others. When displaying such an existing filter, I select it from the list and press "edit". This opens a new view, showing a list of statements.

To show such a statement, I select it and again press "edit".

Below a section named "add statement" the current statement is displayed, but some of the attributes are "crunched" (i.e. Types, Terrains, ..) behind the blue, underlined "expression text". This crunch ist done, when attribute has selected more than one data value, that means terrain with one selected value (e.g. 5) is shown as is.

I'd suggest that clicking such "blue, underlined" expression should show the content behind, but this does not work. Also flying over does not help to get its content again, neither viewing nor editing.

Any idea?
in Bug reports by itsbrody (2.3k points)
edited by itsbrody

1 Answer

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With which browser do you have this effect? Do you try another browser?

I don't have any of what you indicate under Chrome. But sometime you have to delete and recreate a criteria because it is not 'editable' as such
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
FF 52.4 (but also before) on Windows10, Chrome 61.0 on Android, but also FF 56.0 on same OS. All the same behaviour to be unable to get back to the "crunched data"

Update: also FF60.0.2 on Android with same behavior. No fix since my origin bug report :(
Do you mean
"you have to delete and recreate a criteria because it is not 'editable' as such"
what I observed or what else?