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Can bookmarklist statistics use more than one bookmark list (eg In UK Village Signs lists > 1000)

+5 votes
In UK we have many series (Church Micros, SideTracked, Little Bridges, Village Signs, Fine Pairs, War Memorials etc). These mostly have numbered bookmark lists. Due to increasing popularity some of these now exceed 1000 caches and need more than one bookmark list. Church Micros, SideTracked and Little Bridges have their own statistic pages. Others do not. Would it be possible to create statistics that allow more than one bookmark list as input. For instance, Village Signs have one list for 1-1000 and a second list for 1001 - 2000. It would be good to be able to have one statistics output that combined the two lists.

Submitted by qrang
asked Aug 7 in Feature requests by qrang (210 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
A workaround would be to load both bookmark lists into the virtual GPS and then filter the statistics using the VGPS instead.
answered Aug 9 by Molemon (1,470 points)