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create automatic PQ for countries

0 votes

is it possible to create automaticly pocket queries for each country ?
I would like to have Netherlands, Belgium and France standard in my tomtom.

asked Aug 8 in Support and help by Aventurijn (560 points)
I doubt that could be done, as many countries have well over the 10,000 caches per PQ maximum. More useful would be to have an option on your own PQs to regenerate them automatically. I would like one for my solved puzzles.

This would be a major piece of work as PQs currently do not contain the information as to how they were generated, a requirement to regenerate them. If this happens I imagine it would be way down the line. I would like to see lab cache integration come first :-)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Are you sure that that is what you want to do ? There are a lot of caches in the countries mentioned. A pocket query is limited to 1000 caches.

There is a tool for splitting them into multiple different queries, but you can't run more than 10 of these within the same 24 hour perioid. In France alone, there are 235,626 active geocaches. Using all of your quota of 10 queries a day x 1000 caches pr query x 7 days a week would only yield 70000 caches.

Is that what you want ?

answered Aug 8 by Funky_Boris (5,630 points)