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+3 votes
See heasline
in Support and help by Die Vier Finder (190 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes


under it is possible to see, where TB/Geocins placed nearly your homebase.

But you can't see the Cachename.

Greetings The4Hasards

by The4Hasards (3.2k points)
It seems it's not possible to change de distance from homebase... very useless feature and c:geo do the same thing better (as usual :) ).
But it is a possibilty to see anything. About c.:geo I don't know, because we use another App.
+1 vote
Having had a play around I can't find anything within PCG that allows you to filter on if there's a TB in the cache. You can do this with a PQ on the groundspeak site though.
by Molemon (1.5k points)
0 votes
It should be a nice feature on PGC anyway :)
by DaneteYaourth (3.1k points)