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+1 vote

Is there a limit on how many Bookmark Lists PGC can display? I have 79/100 of them on, but only 50 of these I can see on PGC. A workaround to see them is to put a new cache in one that is not displayed, but it will only be displayed after the daily update on my profile it seems so its not a quick fix if you need to use a certain list immediately.
in Miscellaneous by Titanium (690 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Bumping this question in case it has been missed.
by Titanium (690 points)
0 votes

Sorry for bumping this question once again. But I'm very curious about this issue. Recently I also discovered that newly created bookmark lists on does not show up in the bookmark list here on


by Titanium (690 points)
–1 vote
I think its error in PGC, they maybe will fix it.
by Ficule (820 points)