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+5 votes

An old topic of this forum shows that badgen is one of the most favorite feature of the PGC users. I know this system was done under Kyle's authorization but he's completely vanish from GSAK forum since last year. 

So, I wonder if it's possible to discuss about an evolution of this feature in PGC (new badges of course but not only...). May be PGC's admin still in contact with Kyle and have infos about the possibilities ?

in Miscellaneous by DaneteYaourth (3.1k points)
I understand the copyright problem, but would it be possible to add the same updates to PGC , when Kyle has updated the GSAK version?

Than it is the same thing what he has created by his own.

Is this allowed?

Thanks for clarification

6 Answers

+3 votes

It is worth noting that the only way to alter (including adding new badges) the BadgeGen system legally is through Kyle, the creator of BadgeGen.

BadgeGen is made available under copyright protection by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence. This licence specifically prohibits derivative works without the consent of the copyright holder (which in this case is Kyle, the author). This means that if ProjectGC were to change the BadgeGen awards and/or add badges to it without consent they could face litigation. However unlikely it would be to see a lawsuit unfold in practice, it is still prohibited and this should be respected.

Although he may have retreated somewhat, Kyle has made a list of commonly suggested changes to his BadgeGen system along with an official "status" (which in some case is a rejection). If your suggestion for altering BadgeGen is on that list with an "X" it is probably not going to happen. The list is a bit outdated though, as it also includes "Unique Types in a day", which has already been implemented.

by Funky_Boris (9.7k points)
edited by Funky_Boris
+2 votes

Vote + 1 because yes I also found very interesting the badges tab!
Thank you for this information of rights ... with the most visits of tabs, yes it would be valid to evolve badges, notament to encourage installers without whom there would be no game, for example to propose another series Of badge layers by kinds of cache, and / or badges by matrix placed, this would stimulate the installers so the whole game

traduit du francais par google

vote+1 car oui je trouve aussi trés interessant l'onglet des badges !
merci de ces informations de droits ... avec le plus de visites d'onglets, oui ce serait valable d'évoluer les badges, notament pour encourager les poseurs sans qui il n'y aurait pas de jeu, par exemple proposer une autres série de badge poseurs par sortes de cache, et/ou des badges par matrice placées, cela stimulerait les poseurs donc tout le jeu

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
+1 vote
Any kind of further development would be great. The first mini Step was taken with the PCG Badge. Maybe that is the way to be taken?


by tzweeeen (1.1k points)
0 votes
Good will be if they add more levels for badges.
by Ficule (820 points)
0 votes
The copyright protection is clearly the main question.

I think, like you, that is not a good thing to change badgegen without Kyle's authorization. In my mind, this way is not an option for PGC.

But Kyle's seems away and difficult to reach (by mail or by forum) and the badgegen concept is too interesting to stay in stase forever. The perfect solution should be to contact Kyle and talk directly with him about possible evolutions... why not a kind of "fork" version for PGC ?

Of course, if nobody is able to contact Kyle, i'm afraid that Badgen never change... :(
by DaneteYaourth (3.1k points)
0 votes
So... no answer about future dev of this feature... i'm afraid that's not on the roadmap.
by DaneteYaourth (3.1k points)