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Isn't it fascinating to think about geocachers beginning at very young ages, sometimes at birth with the help of a parent logging for them, and how many finds or achievements those kids could accomplish in the next 50 years?

We've already reached a time when 1,000 cache finds is the norm and closing in on 10,000 finds for the serious geocachers, which for those folks, can be done in just a few years.

Perhaps, many years from now, 100,000 finds will be viewed as a common and easy goal.
in Miscellaneous by TerraViators (9.0k points)

3 Answers

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Yes, reaching those milestones is easier today with app. 3 millions geocaches around the world. When I started in 2006, I had to drive miles to get to the next cache, today there often are 5 or more caches within one mile radius.

But we will see how this game develops. I don't think, that reaching 10.000 finds will become easy or common. You still will have to travel a lot to hit those numbers and the kids will grow up, will have less time to go out caching and some of them won't even play the game at all.

And I think, the milestone of more than 5 millions caches around the world won't be reached in the next couple of years, the mega hype is over I think.

There will be less caches set free in the wilderness, many of the players today will not stay for very much longer in the game. There are other games trying to "steal" ppl from geocaching to their games that need less effort and are "easier" to play (like e.g. munzee or flagstack, where you don't need to hussle with logbooks or climbing trees or something like that)

That's my thought about the future of the game.
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
selected by TerraViators
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I am still yet to achieve the 1000 milestone. I'm not too fussed on my total count. I prefer doing top favourited caches rather than power trails. I appreciate the work that goes into quality caches and I enjoy finding them. I find these experiences better than finding cache after cache on a power trail.

If people do reach these goals, congratulations. They are difficult to achieve and deserve recognition.
by Potatonator (11.3k points)
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I just passed 2100 and for me I think that's normal. I think to be taken seriously as a geocacher you need to have 10,000 finds and more than 50 hides.
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)