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To qualify to log this cache as Found, you must have found:

  • Caches in 200 different degree squares, as defined below.
  • The caches must be in at least 5 different countries.

A degree square is found by just taking the degrees portion of the cache coordinates. For example, in this area the caches are in the (N 37, W 121) degree square.

in Miscellaneous by KfromCA (220 points)

1 Answer

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by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by KfromCA
Excellent!  It would be awesome if a date found could be added to the caches meeting the requirement.  Thanks SOOOO much!!!  This saves hours of work!
The checker show visit date now
Hmmm....I think the checker has not been re-enabled yet.
And also enabled
Now it's awesome!  I especially like that results are shown, even if the challenge has not been fulfilled.  This allows the same checker to be used for another challenge with lesser requirements.  Thanks for responding so quickly!!  You are awesome!!
Dont use the tag for another challenge instead create a new tag.
Press tag script. Writhe the correct GCcode for the new challen and copy the config from the old one below. and modify it as needed.  Save and test it and if it works correct enable it.
The other challenge will now have a dedicated checker