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Checker for GC5AZJF Challenge: 555 cachedager

0 votes

Name in english would be:

Found caches on 555 different days

Would love a checker for the challenge for my little trail of challenges here in Harstad, Norway.

I know i can check the stats here on project-GC, but some users have hidden their stats and then i have to require proof from the user, a checker will eliminate that.


If the user dont qualified for the challenge it would be great if the output listed up how many days the user had, and also how many more until he/her qualifies to the challenge

asked Nov 24, 2014 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Team Karlsen (4,170 points)
Do you mean 555 days in a row?
No, 555 cachedays in total, so you can achieve this over years.

3 Answers

0 votes
You can get this information easily from your profile statistc:

Have a look at: "Some Numbers" > "Overall total finds". There your caching days are listet.
answered Nov 24, 2014 by Torsten007 (6,060 points)
Yes, i know, but as owner of the cache i have to check users logging the cache.
And when the user have hidden the stats for the public i cant do that. Then i have to request proof from the logger, and i have no way to check if the proof is from the user or not.
But shouldn't the user always attach a proof to his log? This is normaly requested in the Cache description...?
+1 vote

You can check it here:
(for all users, regardless user decision to hide his stats - this is not part of his profile stats)

answered Nov 24, 2014 by Rikitan (3,360 points)
+4 votes
Best answer
answered Nov 24, 2014 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
selected Nov 24, 2014 by Team Karlsen
Awesome. This will make it so much easier for me to have control over the users logging the challenge. Thx a lot