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0 votes
Hi Ganja,

can you please add the fitler "radius" including minimum distance, lat and long to the "GetFavorites"-function, since I need this the implement a checker for finding a specific number of topfav-caches in an area, which is not a country, county or region.

closed with the note: Will be implemented
in Feature requests by Toxic! (300 points)
closed by Toxic!
Specification: This function is needed for challenge-checkers - I'm not talking about the statistics section.
Implemented this in the development environment today. Release in a few minutes. 100% not tested.

2 Answers

0 votes

[quote]finding a specific number of topfav-caches in an area[/quote]

Hi Toxic,

from my point of view, this feature already exists: Statistics -> Top Favorites -> Add Filter: Center/Radius (km)

Or have I misunderstood your requirement?

by geoGRAV (6.9k points)
Hi geoGRAV,

just want to clarify, that I meant the challenge checker function, when talking about checkers ( ;-)

Within this function it is not implemented yet.

Ahh ... ok - then sorry for my mistake
0 votes
I have flagged this one, but haven't really been able to handle it.

It is not a very simplistic task though. Is there a challenge that you can link that requires this? The thing is that there are many different formulas for calculating distance on a sphere, which will produce different results.

As a side note, we would prefer if the LUA change requests exists at the forums for the script developers. It's linked at the challenge page. This forum isn't really made for discussions like that, it won't be read by other developers, and it will be read by a lot of people who just don't care.

UPDATE: Implemented this in the development environment today. Release in a few minutes. 100% not tested.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
So should I reopen a new one in the board?!

The corrosponding challenge is the following one:
No worries. I have added it to the TODO-list of api methods. It will be implemented together with some other methods, so it will be when we have the time to do most of the list at once.