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Hi ^_^

Thank you for a nice product.

Will you be able to turn off statistics for one cache like you did with the travel-caches or those where you dig a hole though the earth.

Thank you. :)


in Feature requests by Pallefj86 (280 points)
This cache certainly does no qualify for the bookmark list for travelling caches. Why would you like to remove this special cache from statistics?
It is a multi cache where you need to team up with another cacher in Texas (US)
The first step is in Texas and the last step in Denmark.
I got a Texas souvenir without ever being in the US.
Have the same problem with other travel-cache... and I didnť find any solution
Azeret, please, see the solution below.

1 Answer

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Best answer
But souvenirs are something completely unrelated to the PGC. If you wish to remove souvenir, you will need to write to support.

Anyway, if you think this cache should come to the exclude list, you should contact the bookmark list owner. PGC does not have anything to do with this bookmark list:
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by Pallefj86
Thank you. I will try that. :)