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0 votes
I cached all regions of Hong Kobg, but still didn't get the Diamond Badge. Is there a list over
1. All countries
2. A list ofer all the regions in a country and
3. The requirement for each country to get the different badges??
in Support and help by TElg78 (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You have the diamond badge for Hong Kong when I check. You must have looked before your stats had updated.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
Just checket. Macau is Diamond. Hong Kong Saphire... funny...

But keeping the other two questions alive :)
I'm not sure if there's a page that will give you a list of all the countries, but you can see the list on any page that has a filter for country (like Map Compare). The dropdown for country there contains all countries. In the same way, if you select a country, the region dropdown will populate with the regions for that country. Also, the Map Regions page will list all the regions for a country regardless of whether you have cached in them or not.
As far as the requirements to get the different levels of badge, it's given on under "State Badges" (at the end of the badge list). It's purely based on the percentage of the available regions for the country.