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I recently moved, and consequently changed my home location. In the profile stats tab everything changed accordingly with the first update of the stats. However, for tools and other statistics, the page still defaults to my old home location. It's not a big issue, but does anyone know how long it will take?
in Support and help by pingurus (2.2k points)
Since you indicated you didn't choose to override the setting, how long did it take for your stats to reflect your new home?
It didn't update it yet. I guess it will take quite a while if, as long as I only own caches in my old  home location. I could still be on holiday ;)
That does beg the question of what happens to your caches, since you are two hours away now.  But I'm sure you have a maintenance plan.
Hi, I just realised that it has updated the home location!

1 Answer

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Project GC stats refresh nightly for paid members and weekly for non-paying users.  I would think that this would apply to your home location as well.  With that said it is possible that your home location is being calculated as noted below:

The below location will be used as the default location in many places of the site. It will often also be added at the top of select boxes to make it easier to select. This is also the location that your user will belong to in our statistics on the site.

Leave the manual overrides empty to have the system automatically determine your home location. When left in auto mode, the system will calculate your home location based on your hides and finds. This is a fairly advanced algorithm where recent finds have a higher weight than older ones. Likewise hides have a fairly high weight in the formula.

Click the dropdown by your name and check under settings to see if your home location is correctly noted in the bottom area where it says "Profile information from groundspeak"
by Pefgy (1.4k points)
selected by pingurus
Thank you!
I'll leave it uncorrected and see how long they need to realise ;)