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0 votes
Denne er svært at have et overblik over  at man opfylder kravet
in Miscellaneous by Thomasungstrup (220 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer
by hopmaniak (1.4k points)
selected by lillfiluren (Expert)
The second link looks quite broken. :)
second was the code for on the cachelisting, removed it
This is wrong, actually. Your tag configuration is

    "type": ""

but it should be

    "type": ""
    "placed": "true"

for this challenge since it is about "placed date", not "found date". Since it's not my tag I cannot fix this myself.

(Please note that there is a "Verify tag" button on a checker page. If you click that, the tag will be tested for the last ten people who logged the challenge as found. If all is well, they should all pass. In this case, two of them don't.)
Oeps... my first tag, my first mistake ;)
Corrected, checked and ok now!

Happy caching!