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0 votes

Previously I had all (3) states in Luxembourg.
Today I see that Luxembourg has 12 regions. Is this an error, or have you changed the definition of region for Luxembourg?

Best regards,
related to an answer for: County map not working correctly
in Bug reports by MaxMad76 (120 points)

1 Answer

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ganja1447 posted the following in the checker forum on 27 September:

"In October 2015 Luxembourg dissolved their 3 districts which Project-GC used as regions. Source, 

Project-GC has now removed them as well. With that, we have moved our old counties to being regions, and added the next admin level as counties instead. 

Number of regions has now changed from 3 to 12. Counties has changed from 12 to 105."

by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)