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+1 vote

hi all, 

Now the top finders are shown as "Geocachers with the most finds, divided per year.", 
Is this "divided per year" an option?
How can I get it not to be divided?

Dikkertje Dap

in Support and help by Dikkertje Dap (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The overall graph for "top finders" really is depicting all finds.  I find the additional data per year to be very informative regarding a cachers history over time, but the essence of the graph really shows the overall finds very well.  Regardless, it does not appear that you can turn off the divided appearance.
by Pefgy (1.4k points)
Hi Pefgy,
Thank you,
checking today again it is as it was before, showing all finds.
Althrough the text still says "Geocachers with the most finds, divided per year."