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Is it possible to know the percentage of favorite that we received?

+1 vote
Hi all,

The question is in th title. This percentage is displayed on every cache (number of favorite / number of Found It by premium member) but is there any way to know this rate in a global way (on all the cache we own) ?

Thanks in advance,

asked Oct 20, 2017 in Feature requests by Zoidrums (1,590 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes

It is displaying in your Profile stats in the Hides tab - owned cache statistics.  Here is yours:

Owned caches statistics

Owned:53, 15 now archived (28.30%)
Total finds of my caches:4013 finds in 1072 total days, 2.04/day, 14.23/week, 61.74/month
Total finders of my caches:1593
Total finds I've made:2228
Caching karma (#hides/#finds):1.80 (4013/2228)
Caching karma (#FP earned/#finds):0.17 (379/2228)
Hide with the most finds:419, Citadelle de Lille 05 – Pointe NE, GC5FH48
Hide with the most finds in a day:57, L'as des as, GC515HM, on 2014-05-31
Hide with the most favorite points:62, Citadelle de Lille 05 – Pointe NE, GC5FH48
Hide found most frequently:Every 1.20 days, Chargeur externe, GC7DCNH
Total favorite points received:379 (15.2%)
answered Oct 20, 2017 by Pefgy (1,420 points)
To be clear - these are your Project GC stats which I see you display on your profile page.  See your "Placees" tab.