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0 votes
Then here's the question again as a new topic...

It's possible to show Lab-FTFs in the FTF-Stats?
in Feature requests by capoaira (7.1k points)
I guess its not possible, as the API does not provide this information.
ok, thanks for the answer

1 Answer

+2 votes
FTF statistics are generated by searching your logs for certain strings ( *FTF* or {FTF} for example). Lab caches don't have an actual log, so there is no way to put those strings into your log.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
Actually that's only half the truth. You can also signal an FTF by adding a cache to a bookmark list and then selecting that bookmark list as your FTF bookmark list on Project-GC. However, since lab caches don't have GC codes and therefore can't be added to bookmark lists that doesn't help here either...
Oh, yes. I forgot about that alternative.
But there is the actual lab cache leaderboard page that does indicate who has the ftf for the labcache. For example:
The lab cache leaderboard only registers First To Log Online, though (and can't be shared).
but the argument is, labcache ftf's can't be added because there are no logs to include ftf strings. But labcaches don't have logs at all, but this site is able to get the information needed to show who has found which labcaches. The not having any logs part isn't stopping this.
What I'm saying is that we can't get meaningful FTF information since the "FTF leaderboard" shows first to log, not first to find, and even if that person happens to be a proper FTF there is likely to have been more people together with that person since lab caches are typically released at major events.