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In the past, Project-GC has run discount campaigns on paid membership. The news are not available anymore for some reason. Here is newsletter from last year:

2016-11-26 - Cyber Monday campaign!

For Black Friday we launched a campaign on our memberships. We have kept this campaign running for Saturday as well. Now we would like to inform you that we will keep it running for Cyber Monday as well.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday every year. Though we will not promise that we will have our promotion campaign every year.

So, what is our campaign then? If you buy 1 year of Project-GC membership, you will get an additional 4 months for free. If you buy two years, you will be granted an extra 5 months, and if you buy 3 years, you will get 6 months extra! This offer can not be combined with other offers.

In case you already have an active membership with Project-GC, the newly bought time will be added upon the time you already have. Example: You already have 6 months left. You pay for 1 year. You will then have 6+12+4 months.

Visit the membership page to catch this great opportunity, and hurry before it's too late. We will keep the campaign running for as long as it's Cyber Monday in any of the timezones in the world.

Will there be any such campaigns this year?

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I would also be interested.

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We don't tend to announce promotional sales beforehand since that would mean 0 income between the announcement and the actual sale, which makes no sense to us. We don't always plan our promotions several days ahead either. In fact, we submitted strings for translations with less than one hour left for today's launch.

Anyway. Yes, we are having a Black Friday campaign available:

No, we have not decided of when it will end. It will run for the weekend at least (UTC).
by magma1447 (Admin) (239k points)
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Why, thank you :)

Don't mind if I do :)
Thx for that
Black friday
Black Friday / Cyber monday discount campaign 2018 ?