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–13 votes
I know the FTF is not supported by Groundspeak. But what a joy to hunt FTF. Therefore there is often a podium TFT / STF / FTT.
In "Profile"> "List of FTF" and "FTF forgotten" as well as personal statistics, would it be possible to add the management of STF and TTF?
in Feature requests by Jipem (1.7k points)

2 Answers

+9 votes
FTF is something that many people are interested in and often keep track of. Very few people care about STFs and don't annotate their logs so that it can be detected.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
Badges are about achievements.As you will never avoid the FTF in preference for a STF it will never be implemented.
I agree with PGC on this.
Something I think could be interesting, on the other hand is what could be called FDF: First day find. This would include all your FTFs but would also include all finds you have that are dated on the same date as the FTF without actually being first.
0 votes

As I remember, there is a section like "Feature proposal" before, and had clearly stated that STF and TTF will not be implemented.

by wanrex (1.3k points)