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Top Favourite Caches (%) - A nice to have

0 votes
Would it be possible to run this query with a multi select for counties , inside a specific region.

So this would be give a wider range of top favorites in one result.

asked Nov 25, 2017 in Feature requests by Rolli2 (6,210 points)

2 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer
You can already do that by clicking on the button next to the selections (Turn multi-select on) and then selecting multiple counties while holding Ctrl button. For example here:
answered Nov 25, 2017 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
selected Nov 25, 2017 by Rolli2
0 votes
Thanks Jakuje, have not noticed the small sign as the selection to turn the multi select on/off.

answered Nov 25, 2017 by Rolli2 (6,210 points)