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0 votes
At the moment, when tagging a challange, I have to check if this is already tagged.

When tagging a serie of caches, I have to break of the tagging to check each individual one.

It would be nice to have a GC list for caches which are tagged and in () shows the number of tags.

Then we can see at a glance what the status is.
in Support and help by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I think it's easier to work from the map of challenge caches and just show the ones that don't already have a checker.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
I tried but the map does not show all the challange caches.
For example - think of the soup ? caches, these are challange caches.
I suspect they technically are unknows with ARL. I cant find that old references top challenges in the publishing guidelines. But that is really irrelevant and i might be incorrect
You only need to search for checkers to caches without challenge in the name and use the map for the one with challenge in the name
A challenge cache must have "challenge" in the name. There may, as Target says, be old Unknowns with ALRs around but as far as I know it is permissible to log such caches without regard to ALRs (they are now valid for unknowns any longer, unless the cache is a challenge cache).
Okay this will do for now most have the word challange in but there are a few like GC1ERZ4 Nebraska Alphabet Soup, GC1QFG3 - Alphabet Soup - Florida Style, GC176M6 - Alphabet Soup, GC1EMZM - Alphabet Soup Ohio and GC1H291 - Wyoming ABC Cache are still challange cache without the word challange.