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Picked up a new Chromebook and I'm having the same issue described here:

I've tried deleting all cookies and browsing data but still can't get any of the sidebar icons to respond on the live map. The URL changes instead to "" which it doesn't do when using a different laptop and nothing happens so I'm unable to use the filter (or anything else on the sidebar).

Everything is at the latest version on the chromebook so that shouldn't be an issue. Besides deleting cookies and browsing data is there anything else that might be causing this issue?
in Support and help by Mike Fitz (5.0k points)
I have got latest chromium 62 and everything works as expected. Do you have some extensions installed that could interfere with the PGC? Do you see some errors in the developer console after pressing Ctrl+Shift+I?
I don't see any errors in the development console and didn't install any new extensions (they migrated from my old chromebook wich didn't have the issue). I even tried clearing site storage from the development console with no change. I'm stumped.
I discovered something strange, when I use the touchscreen to tap on the filter button it works but no amount of clicking on it with the bluetooth mouse cursor or the trackpad has any effect. Not sure why...
That really sounds like a bug in Chrome or in chrombook sending wrong events ... I don't have any touchscreen so I don't see this problem.
I just noticed the same quirk with the touch screen versus the mouse. Pretty frustrating.
OK, it looks like it is a problem with the sliders. With Chrome developer tools, it is possible to simulate different devices, such as phones with touch screens and it does not work with that either. I will fill a new bug.
same problem in Firefox
Hello, is there any solution ?

1 Answer

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It does look like this is working now in Chrome under Windows 10 for me. Not sure if this was a PGC fix or a software update here (on a touchscreen computer). I'll take it though!
by chrispt (1.9k points)
selected by Mike Fitz
Saw your response and got out my Chromebook (which I haven't used in a couple of weeks), opened up the live map, clicked on the filter button using the trackpad. Nothing happened as usual. I checked and there was a Chrome update, applied it and restarted, opened the live map again and clicked on the filter button and jackpot! It works now. I can use the sliders, scroll up and down, FINALLY!!!!  :)