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Any interesting targets for this year?
We set ourselves some short term goals in 2017 and managed to achieve them all!

(i) Visit at least 10 events and try to get to a Mega. Organise at least 4 events.
We attended 38 events, the Kent Mega, and organised 11 of our own events (two overseas)

 (ii) Make it to at least 3250 found caches
We got to 3604 caches.

 (iii) Get to at least 80 hidden caches
Made it to 102

(iv) Keep Karma above 1.0 for the last 6 months of the year
Karma has been above 1.0 all year and ended with 1.37

Our goals for 2018 include ones which will allow us to continue putting plenty back into the game for people to enjoy:
(1) Attend 3 Mega events and organise at least 10 events managed 3 Megas, but only organised 7 events
(2) Try to hide one cache a week (on average) had 48 hidden in 2018 so nearly made it!
(3) Aim for a karma of 1.50 Ended on 1.75
(4) Complete our D/T grid the first time round, and head for a second time round as well! Completed first and need 13 for second

What are your goals for 2018?

Happy 2018 everyone!

in Miscellaneous by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
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63 Answers

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Almost end of the year, but there are two targets I hope to reach befor the new year sets in:
1) Black belt (or is it grey?) at 280 point. I need 0.82 points more, only.
2) 500 hidden geocaches. I need 20 more, and some of them are on the way.

But most important goal this year - and for next year - was to continue to have fun with Geocaching.
by Y? O! (580 points)
+1 vote
My Goalkeeper for 2018

to visit 16 Ort more countries in Europe

finish the D/T Matrix the first time. I sorry I will miss it.

to hide my first cache .

take the focus more on mystery and multi caches, less on tradies.
by Team Grautvornix (720 points)
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I got goal ... what became of them? Well I did want to complete the D/T Matrix but thent here were many souvenir hunts manikg it necessary to pursue a rather quantitative caching approach than concentrating on the difficult ones. Well, at least I went caching. So the matrix would be my goal for 2019 I guess :-)
by _Ulle_ (1.1k points)