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Advanced Search results not as expected

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So I do Advanced Search on, say, cache owner names that begin with 0 (zero) in my home state. As it turns out there are none, so I would expect "no result." Instead I get EVERY CACHE IN THE STATE in the results list. Is this normal behavior?

And then when I try to map it I get an "unexpected error" pop up.

So I am still looking for a cache with CO name beginning with zero. State by state, there are none (but the search results return lots of results). So I search "United States" for such. Search just gives up after several seconds! No surprise, that's a lot of caches. But I'm STILL looking for a cache that fits that criteria...well, asking for a friend...
asked Jan 5, 2018 in Support and help by The Snowdog (310 points)
I'm getting these exact same results.

1 Answer

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Hi, you can use this in the advanced search to get all caches starting with a 0 for Germany:

Germany @name[1]  0    output 94 caches but including already archived, I do not know the field name for the archived field - otherwise it would be @field xxx 0 (for active)

So modify the country and use the position number [in brackets] of the character in the distingt field.

See the info on top of tne dashboard:

Wildcard search

The wildcard search under Quick links has multiple fields available, which can be referenced. The wildcard search uses extended query syntax. Example of searching for challenges owned by a specific user: @profile_name ganja1447 @type unknown @name challenge.

The fields available are: gccode, name, type, size, country, region, county, placed_by, profile_name.

Extended search technology

The Extended search technology is based on searches on letters. Special characters like exclamation marks, commas or other punctation will not be matched. However, other very advanced syntaxes can be given. A complete documentation of the language can be found here.

An example for filtering cache names for the word Challenge, but not Finds: challenge !finds

answered Jan 5, 2018 by Rolli2 (6,210 points)
The question still stands. Entering a single character in the "Cache owner" field and checking the "Starts with" radio button does NOT give the expected results if there are no caches that meet the search criteria.
Hi , the field Owner is ,  according to the documentation , not available, but the field placed by.
So you can try in advanced search this:
@region Berlin @placed_by[1] 4        -   gives you 5 results form Owner /Placed by " 4 A aus A "4

Using @region Berlin @placed_by[1] 0    - give nothing - as expected
Still not an answer. If I type "A" in the "Cache Owner" field and select "Starts with" and search my state, I get all of the caches with owner names beginning with that letter in my state. That is the expected result. If I do the same with, say, "0" (for which there are no matching caches) the search returns EVERY CACHE IN THE STATE. That is NOT the expected result; the search field should return nothing, or a message that says "no caches found."