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Markdown - search for <br>-Tag

+1 vote

can you also search for <br>-Tag in the "Markdown-incompatible logs" tool?
I think that i have many of these tags in my Logs.

Thanks a lot,
asked Jan 12, 2018 in Feature requests by Lari83 (130 points)
Just of curiosity: What problems does making <br> in the logs? Maybe a have the same problem, but dont know that I have them.
HTML tag <br> is a line break [1]. If it is there and it is not interpreted, worst thing that can happen is that lines/paragraphs are merged together. It might not look as awesome as before, but some other changes were significantly worse. This is a good idea for addition, but I don't see it as a high priority.

I thought that all HTML tags remained in logs as text after the change to BBCode.

original log in HTML:
"bla<br />bla"

correct log:

your opinion:

my opinion:
bla<br />bla

The last version looks terrible. In this case it would be great to add this tag into mentioned tool. BTW I thought that tool "Markdown-incompatible logs" looks for every HTML tags. I was wrong.

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