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0 votes
A new Challenges tab has been added (see related thread), but I can't see it on profiles of users that say they have it.
related to an answer for: New challenges tab
in Miscellaneous by pingurus (2.2k points)
Even after the update of my statistics (I have found challenges) and the tab enabled in the settings, the challenges tab is not there for me.

3 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
I contacted support, they said it was not possible for non paying members
by pingurus (2.2k points)
0 votes
This is not the case in the settings.
If you look at the dynamic image, you can not see the Challenge Tab if you look at or[username], do you see the tab

In den Einstellungen steht das nicht.
Wenn du dir das dynamische Bild anschaust, kannst du den Challenge Tab nicht sehen, wenn du dir bzw[username] anschaust, siehst du den tab.
by capoaira (7.1k points)
Well, when I look at your profile the way you say I should I can't see the tab.
–1 vote
As whiff all specialty tabs (Lab Caches, Souvenirs, etc) the tab is only visible if there is information to be shown.
by mat_64 (470 points)
As commented before, I can't see the challenges tab on people's profile stats even if they claim they see the tab. Even when looking at ganja1447's profile where a demo of the tab should be, I can't see anything.