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+6 votes

Can members, who have in their list of challenges, caches which are really puzzle or bonus caches, please report them here.

Situation 2018-05-27 09:54:43 UTC

Added challenges:416
Removed challenges:1,404
in Miscellaneous by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)
edited by vogelbird (Expert)
How about challenge caches that do not have "Challenge" in the title? For example: GC59MW8 - Plane Challenging

10 Answers

+1 vote
GC2T2PY - Bonus PA Challenge Cache FIVE-CHURCHED STONE
- this is bonus cache, not challenge cache

GC1F6NF - Cisarska silnice Brno-Viden 7: Challenge u Bobravy
- this is puzzle, not challenge cache

GC3JYWW - The Vroengard Dragon Rider s challenge
- this is mystery, not challenge cache

GC6F746 - Challenge cache
- this is mystery, not challenge cache
- archived

GC46A68 - Cipher challenge
- this is mystery, not challenge cache

IMHO the word "challenge" should be used only for challenge caches, but it is not possible.
by hynous (3.1k points)
Thank you for submitting those GCcodes and they will be processed immediately
The GC1F6NF is a challenge according to the listing -- it requires you to find some amount of caches mentioned in the list
Thank you, the GCcode is being processed
+1 vote
by famerlor_dragon (350 points)
Thank you, the GCcodes will be processed
+1 vote
Here are two that should be deleted...
by mmcash (810 points)
Thank you, the GCcodes will be processed
+1 vote
by LordWadar (620 points)
Thank you, the GCcodes will be processed
+1 vote
by LordWadar (620 points)
Thank you, the GCcodes will be processed
+1 vote

Ok here's a few I've found...

GC4EFRE - (Field Puzzle)

GC4VBK7 - (Puzzle)

GC4VBKG - (Puzzle)

GC4DPEB - (Field Puzzle)

GC4NNEA - (Field Puzzle)

by OnABoat (890 points)
edited by OnABoat
Thank you, the GCcodes will be processed
added one more.

I'll add future ones in a new answer.  A Challenge cache but you need only one unspecified cache. So if you found thi - you have solved the challenge 01 Bilderrätsel 02 Logigmonster 03 Zahlenschwarm 04 Hokus Pokus

Thanks for reporting but these are already on the exclusion list
+1 vote

All the caches in my series "Geo-poker" are essentially puzzle-caches:

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
Thank you for reportng, I will report them to the group of moderators to vote on.
The group of moderators have given up votes to the serie with the challenge names and only downvotet the bonus
0 votes

Possibly GC316Z3

While finding 10 caches is technically required to log, the main objective is to create a log in which you list your favorite 10 caches found, so I'd consider it an ALR rather than a challenge.

by PattuX (190 points)
Thank you for reporting, I will report the GCcode to the group of moderators to vote on.
Same for this one:Ö

Requires a log in which you use 20 cache names of caches you found
Is also reported
GC316Z3 - technically all challenge caches have ALRs they are the criteria, but allowed due to type of cache challenges caches are.
In this one you are required to find 10 caches  - and then list them as your top 10 favourite - that's the criteria.
GC4Y95D - Under the current guidelines requiring a list of caches using the names of the caches is not allowed - however this was placed in 2014 and so grandfathered. Many older challenges required you create list using the names of caches as the source.
Find 20 caches where the name of food is in the title
Find 20 caches where the name of a famous person is in the title
This one is no different - use the names of 20 caches that you have found to create a story
–2 votes
I think challenge cache aren't a type of cache on the only things that make it a challenge cache are the name and the challenge checker, no?
by Zoidrums (1.7k points)
I am not referring to a type.
A challenge cache is "Mystery Cache" (type) with the word  Challenge in the title.
However there are a lot "Mystery Caches" (type) with the word  "Challenge" which are really "puzzle" and "bonus" caches. But with the new "Challenge" tap in the profile of PGC members, We are trying to separate them from the real "challenge" caches