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+3 votes
I have asked this previously but didn't really get a response. Is it on the roadmap to allow us to see distances in miles on the new cache notifications?
in Bug reports by chrispt (1.9k points)
recategorized by chrispt
If it works everywhere but in the new cache notification, I would say it is a bug rather than Feature requests. But since you were the only one who noticed and cared during the last half a year, it is probably not a high priority in comparison with other features that is worked on and that are very greeted or other bugs that needs to be fixed.
There was another person who commented on it. I did get a snarky response from someone as to why would we need it in anything other than SI units, but they realized that was a little short-sighted.
I'll gladly add it under the bugs
Just edit the question and change the category to "Bug reprots".
As a related issue that's also been raised before, the distance in the FTF tab is also metric only, regardless of preferences.
Was that necessary?
It is on my desired list also to see miles in Notifications of new geocaches....Maybe an option is the best way to present.

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