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Finds broken down by country and type in Profile stats

+2 votes

In the Profile stats now contains most of the important information I have in my GSAK generated stat page. However, there are still a few presentations of data I miss in the project-gc version.. In total there they are around 10 missing presentations, but most of them are not important. However one I use everytime I prepare for a trip abroad, That is a table called "Finds broken down by country and type". It is basically a table showing number of logged caches presented by cachetype and country. Very useful to show missing cache types in the country one is about to visit.

Adding this to Profile stats would be much appreciated.

The table I am refering to is generated by the  plugin FSGPlugin_CountryTypeBreakdown to the FindStatGen3 macro in GSAK. 

asked Jan 25, 2018 in Feature requests by jobêr (510 points)
This is a really cool feature on the profiles that I’ve seen it. It would be a great addition to ProjectGC

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