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Spotted various posts regarding the Challenge Tab so checked it out - brilliant idea particularly the 'found but not qualified' list

When I checked it I noted that my list is spot on as I have kept my own bookmark of all the challenges qualified and found.

Is it possible that this bookmark was used to generate my list (as it can with the FTF list) ? or is the list generated from seeking out all 'unknowns' with the word 'challenge' in

I ask because if needed I will keep my bookmark going


in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (13.7k points)
The point of my question is around using bookmarks
I am of the understanding that for the FTF list - cachers are advised to either add {FTF} *FTF* or similar to their log and this will get it included in their FTF list
If a cacher sets up a bookmark list of their FTFs this is used to generate their FTF list on PGC.
Or am I wrong - are bookmarks used or not
If they are - then can this concept be used for bookmarking 'challenge caches found but not yet qualified'

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No, it is not possible. It would not be practical, since the challenges are challenges for everyone and therefore if some of them is incorrectly marked as "challenge" or some is missing, everybody who would like to include the one in the list would have to maintain its own bookmark list.

The Project-gc's target is most of the automation therefore we want to solve the naming problem for everyone. If you have a challenge that is missing in the profile stats, submit it in the following thread:

If some of the challenges in profile is not a real challenge, submit it here:

At some time, we will hopefully catch all these wrong cases and it will just work (as the new caches have a requirement to have a word "challenge" in its name).
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
selected by Deepdiggingmole
Again - point missed - my question had nothing to do with naming of challenge caches !!!!
The question - re-phrased
How is the search generated ?
Are bookmarks used as they are with FTF lists (if not can they be used ?)
or is the automated search simply done on finding unknown caches with the word challenge in
No. The initial list of challenges is all unknowns with "challenge" in the name (basically the list showed under Tools -> Challenges and allowed to add a checker to the cache) + what is in the above list - what is in the other list above (with some moderation). No bookmark lists are used.
Can a bookmark be used as it is with the FTF list ?
No. They can not be used and I do not see any real value in using them for Challenges.
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No, there is no way to use a bookmark list of non-logged challenge caches as found. The challenge cache rules speak clearly, that the log needs to be "write note", so you should not miss any cache this way and you should not see more than you want (and if you see, just add [NOT-SIGNED] keyword).

The initial list is all "unknowns" with challenge keyword in name, as according to the official requirements. But there are some older who might not follow these rules. So it is using the internal adjusted list of challenge caches, that is "manually" moderated by adding challenges that do not match this criteria and removing these that are not for whatever reason (see the following threads about them:

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Hi - this doesnt answer my question which was regarding 'found' challenges and whether the list can be generated from a book mark (much as the FTF lists can be)
I did not ask about non-logged challenge caches
Well, then it was not clear. Hope the other sounds better for you.
Surely the use of a bookmark to create the FTF list carries the same merit as using one for a list of challenge caches found or qualified for
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The reason FTF has to depend on a bookmark list or some sort of tag in the log is because FTF is individual to each person.  Unless we were "co-FTF" on a geocache (a concept I don't recognize, but for the sake of argument, let's say it's legit and we were), your FTF list and my FTF list are going to be different.  So, project-gc needs additional data to determine our FTFs.

Conversely, challenge caches are open to anyone who qualifies.  So there is no need to build challenge caches off of bookmark lists -- it's in fact counterintuitive.  Once the site has a master list of all challenge caches, everyone will have the opportunity to have them displayed in their profiles.  And if you want to track the ones you qualify for but haven't found yet, you can write a note and they'll show up in your challenges tab.  (Or if not, you can continue to track them in your private bookmark list.)
by hzoi (8.0k points)
your FTF list and my FTF list are going to be different - equally your completed and found challenge cache list and my completed and found list are alos going to be different - just the same as your list showing caches you have found but NOT qualified for is going to be different to mine - so I don't see how that makes any difference . PGC doesnt use my bookmark of FTFs to populate my FTF list - as I use the same phrase in each cache I am FTF for (and joint is irrespective because whether I am or not I still use the same phrase)
Also you say and quote -"And if you want to track the ones you qualify for but haven't found yet, you can write a note and they'll show up in your challenges tab" - where ???
The challenge tab only has 'found and qualified' and 'found but not qualified' - it does not say it is a list for ones I have qualified for and not found - and in fact many of the chaches that I have added a qualifying list to as a note (but yet to find) appear on the 'found but not qualify for ' list - which is incorrect
Hence the whole point of my question about making bookmarks in order to alleviate the problem around the automated system looking for a 'note' log and putting it in the wrong list
We're talking past each other here.  What I meant is that you can post a note to a challenge, whether you've signed it or not, and then it'll show up in your challenge tab.  But you are tracking that.  You see how the challenge tab works, but you don't like it. OK, got it.  I don't think you're going to get your way, but I suppose you can keep asking.
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I like it, but I'm not a premium member yet.
by Vlada67 (750 points)