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+12 votes
I think it should be part of the game, to tell the community, that the "hunt" is done.

Sometimes I wonder, what the idea is, to wait for a long time to get it done?

I myself want to know it, when my own new "baby" has been spotted first time, not only because of the reason that it is done, but also because the hide is to be found.

After the first Found is done, I understand, if one does only saves an field note in order to write a good Log. But at the "hunt" itself i think it is fair thing to all the other hunters.

What do you think about that?

Feel free to answer or respond about that, or even think about it.

So Good Luck and may the next FTF be yours!!
in Miscellaneous by glastiger_and_family (450 points)
In addition to my answer - I find it amusing that many responses have said "it is good to log immediately to let others know the hunt is over" - makes it sound like the cache is no longer there to be found - no the hunt is not over - those caches are still there for others to enjoy - just because the FTF has gone does not mean others have to stop and not go out and look for it. I often go out for FTF - but if I get beaten to it - so be it - I'll still look for it anyway
Yes, that is really the right mention, but as you know, the hunt for the First to Find is over, was the intention for the writing
I generally log FTF (if possible), STF & TTF directly in the field with ".. more to come". This clarify the podest - situation .. ;-)
Sadly - I have seen many "FTF- Full log to follow" - and that is how that log has remained - it is unfortunately like many who log out in the field - the log is brief
If the cache isless than 24 hrs old then a 'write note' or 'found log' should be logged as nice etiquette. If the cache has sat there for days, or weeks then find should be logged 24 hrs after find.

Happy Caching
I'm reading comments stating what "should" be done.  These are commands.  Some people don't have smart phones, some are busy, there are many circumstances not being considered.  FTF is an unofficial side game and a game of chance.  Maybe players "should" deal with it.  Didn't they still get a smiley?
@TerraViators: If you don't have the time for a FTF fieldlog which takes about 2 seconds to send you certainly don't have time to go for the FTF in the first place.
And the "should" is not a command but a courtesy, just like you should sneeze into your elbow, not onto your neighbour.
@kamla: you misinterpret the intent of @TerraViators comment. Too many people in this game tend to tell others what they should and should not do as though their opinion is superior when in fact it is not.  Your entire comment is case-in-point.

You have the right to your opinion but so does he.  How each person plays is their business and theirs alone.  Please keep that in mind and remember that this is not a forum but simply a Q & A.  Comments are certainly welcome as long as they stay neutral and not attack others opinions.

38 Answers

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I always log a FTF in the field. So people know there's no need to rush for the FTF anymore.
by Birdie68 (230 points)
0 votes
There might be people, who log only FTFs. In my region there is at least one.
So it is fair to let those Ftf-Hunters know, that they can stay at home and don't have to rush to get another point.
So when I have time, I write my log while waiting for the Ftf-Event. It is always nice to meet other cachers in the field.
by niseco (200 points)
0 votes
I am also wondering about some Geocachers that a FTF can not be logged immediatly. There was a cache published in the evening and on the next day in the morning  there was still no log so we decided to go for the FTF hunt. When we found the cache, we made a TTF because the FTF was done about 30 minutes after publishing. We wrote a note, that the FTF is already taken. In the evening - about 24 hours - the FTF hunter wrote his log.

I don't know, why people doing this.
by SalzburgerIgnore (1.9k points)
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FTF is something special, so it should be logged quickly to notify other cachers.
There are many crazy cachers in my region who are almost only hunted on FTF points.
They hide a couple of new caches every week, mostly worthless caches.
So everyone gets their hunger for FTF breastfed.
I think it's a pity and has nothing to do with caching.

 FTF ist etwas besonderes, deswegen sollte er schnellstens geloggt werden um andere Cacher zu benachrichtigen.
Es giebt viele verückte Cacher in meiner region die fast nur noch Jagt auf FTF Punkte sind.
Sie verstecken jede Woche ein paar neue Caches, meistens sind es Wertlose Caches.
So bekommt jeder seinen hunger auf FTF gestillt.
Ich finde es sehr schade und hat mit Cachen nichts zu tuhen.
by Minos2003 (4.8k points)
0 votes
q short quick log, and then the long edited log later at home
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
0 votes
it's okay to tell the FTF hunters that the hunt is over - and the row that this cache is still avaiable :-)
by team mawibo (150 points)
0 votes
I always log FTF immediately.
by Stasiu72 (850 points)
0 votes
I try to log the FTF straight away if possible. Not always possible. But I know people to don't log the FTF just to annoy the people who find it second...
by 2wombles (190 points)
0 votes
I'm not a FTF-hunter, but I do keep track of them from time to time in my area. Most FTF-hunters log them directly sometimes it is whiff a note (“(F/S/T)TF, log will follow”), sometimes it is whiff a found log that will be edited later (“(F/S/T)TF, log will follow”) and sometimes it is whiff a short complete log.

I prefer the complete log or note versions, because some people will not update there “log will follow” logs. I would use a note because I often am behind a couple of logs, as I find all caches deserve a nice log (I refuse a “TFTC” as a log.

I do know some people still don’t own a smartphone and/or have a data-bundle so there could be a delay in logging, but a FTF-hunter should be able to put up a note or log whiff in a hour in my area.

I my eyes it depends on the region what time between finding the (F/S/T)TF and posting the log/note online is exactable.
by mat_64 (470 points)
0 votes
We always log FTF immediately. In our area there are quite a few FTF hounds, so we let them know that they can put their slippers back on and wait until morning to go searching.
by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
0 votes
I log some FTF but in my project-GC profile don't appear
by Riccardo98 (1.4k points)
There are two ways for Project-GC to detect your FTFs. Either you tag your logs with one of these tags: {*FTF*} {FTF} [FTF]. Alternatively you can add an FTF bookmark list under Settings that will be checked once per day.
0 votes
I try to log my ftf as soon as possible so that no one gets mad at me for delaying.
by VDotM (1.7k points)
0 votes
I think it's good to logg as soon as possible. To avoid others to use time and money just to find out the are not FTF. When they now the FTF is taken they may take the cache another time when it fits in their plans. Some people defend not to logg FTF because tey say there will be more visitors to the cache, but of course there sill may be some more loggs at first but the total amount of loggs wil be the same.

Another reason to wait is because the FTF finder wants to take his time to write a good logg, wich is very nice of course, But then i would be nice with a short logg first, best as a note, than the co will see the final logg, since not everyone is pgc member and gets mail about logg changes :)
by TeamM2M (980 points)
0 votes
I don't have a connection to the internet when I am out caching, so I have to wait until I find WIFI or until I get home to log a FTF. I do however, do it as soon as possible and I appreciate it when others do the same.
by Potatonator (11.3k points)
0 votes
For me (who place a lot of caches), the game is to foreseen who will be the first on the cache according to the place, difficulty, terrain.. For this i don't care if it is hours or days after the publication. What is more ennoying is when the STF is known and not the FTF :-) As geofinder I wait generally 24h or less if any successor log it on the page.
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
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I live in an area with a number of quite active FTF hunters (some with rather long & intact streaks). It is an unwritten common courtesy around here that a field log is left once the cache has been found. I know for all of mine (which admittedly isnt a lot so far) I have left a simple FTF - FLL log as soon as I can (which is usually at GZ unless I dont have phone reception) so that watchers get an instant heads up (and the recorded time is correct) and I then go back and edit that log at a later date.

by BFMC (3.6k points)
0 votes
I can't resist providing my opinion on this topic so my answer follows:

First, FTFs are not officially recognized by GS and for good reason.  They serve to cause discord.  This game is meant to bring us to together in friendship and not cause strife or discord. Obsession of FTFs or any other statistic for that matter tends to force the game into a competitive mode and it was never intended to do that from the beginning and still is not if I understand the spirit of the game.

Second, getting mad or vilifying others about something like that takes all the fun out of the game.  So what if you missed the FTF, there will always be others in the future.

Third, I use a GPSr and only have an older cell that does not have a WiFi connection when I'm in the field.  Is it my fault that I have limited financial resources to purchase expensive smart phones or the cell plans needed to use the applications?  No, it is not my fault and should not be held against me.

Currently, I am upgrading to a smartphone with a WiFi connection capability and, when that day happens, I will be sure to log the time and FTF right after I find it.  I recognize that it is common courtesy, on an FTF, to log as soon as possible and not wait for days.  Furthermore, if someone doesn't have a connection I would not expect them to stop what they are doing to get to a place that has a connection.  That is ridiculous.

When a cache is published that is the time when the hunt begins for everyone regardless of FTF. The hunt  is not over when the FTF is claimed. If you are 5 or even 30 minutes away and the FTF pops why would you turn around and go home?  Just continue to look for the cache as the game was set up to do in the beginning.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
You raise some very valid points, but I would also mention that it is generally recognised that there is a separate 'race' to get the FTF on any new cache. Whether you want to get involved in the race is entirely up to you, but the race exists nonetheless. There are many aspects of the game that are not recognised by GS, but are recognised by PGC, and this is just 1 of them.

If we are truly to honour the spirit of the game and the companionship that is supposed to be generated then following some easily known etiquettes where possible (yes I acknowledge that it's not always possible to log in the field) would be the way to go in my opinion.

I think it is polite to let other cachers know asap that the FTF has been claimed. Some won't care in which case no harm done, and those that do care will appreciate your efforts. I also think that it's polite to the CO to then post your full log within a reasonable time period (generally I do it when I get home so within a couple of hours).

You are correct that the hunt doesn't finish when the FTF is claimed, but as busy cachers we have to try to fit caching in around life in general so if the FTF has gone then I will go and look for that cache at a time more convenient for me such as to fill a dot day or when there is a series event on such as the upcoming Wonders of the World.

I guess what I'm saying is that no-one should be vilified for not playing the game in line with the wishes of others, but equally if you purposefully choose not to do something which you could do easily which would help others then that's not in the spirit of Geocaching either.
What I forgot to mention is that I let local people know at events about my method of only using a GPSr.  That way it helps to cut down on the disgruntled factors.  The only issue is with newbies that come into the game.  They may not understand so I will reach out in the messaging if I encounter someone who gets upset.

Today, I grabbed 3 FTFs and a few other caches in the area.  As soon as I got home, I immediately logged the FTFs with a full log.  The delay was about 3 hours.  Two out of the 3 already had an STF log and the person who posted had WiFi and can do a field log.  Thankfully that person doesn't get upset and recognizes people don't always have WiFi services.
I don't think anyone responding here vilified you for not posting your log immediately due to your inability to do so. And as you're saying you're posting it pretty much asap (once you get home), so all good. If I'm in the middle of the woods and there's no network connection - well, be it like that, the log will get out as soon as I'm back at the car.

"If you are 5 or even 30 minutes away and the FTF pops why would you turn around and go home?"
As a matter of fact I've turned around once I got the FTF mail. This happened when I had really limited time available (like lots to do at work but still being able to decide myself when I do the work and when I take a geocaching-break) and I was like 10 minutes away from the cache (more or less drive-in).
Of course if I go on a 3 hour hike for a cache and it's found 1 hour before I get there I'll still continue on.
I think the issue about being vilified is not necessarily with respect to responses here - this issue has been raised in many forums and often those who say 'I log when I get back home' and 'I log as soon as I can' do get shouted down for not doing it straight away - the whole point of this OP is to ask people to try and log the FTF as soon as you can to tell others the hunt for the FTF is now done - but many like myself who still cache with a GPS prefer to log when back home on the PC and I am told that is wrong, I am told if I have a phone I should be able to log immediately - though I understand the reason why, I wont be 'told' when to log and I have been vilified for taking that stance.
@kamla: my answer has nothing to do with anyone posting here but it is based on my 5 years playing this game.  Over that time, I taught myself, with the help of others, to tolerate and accept.  I am still learning that lesson, to be honest, but progress is being made.  My biggest lesson was, "letting it go" and not becoming obsessed.  Someone with a lot more experience said to me, "focus on what makes you happy about the game and ignore the rest."  These were very helpful words of advice that actually helped me to stay in the game not once but twice after considering leaving permanently.

When I go after an FTF, I already expect it to be claimed.  Always!  When I show up and, it has not been claimed, the thrill is that much better.  But, by gearing myself up to expect it to be claimed, there is no disappointment.  Do not get me wrong, it took me over 4 years to learn that lesson.  So, now I can actually laugh about it and post a quirky remark to whoever claimed it.  I will not say, "that is how the game should be played" because I know that not everyone understands or follows my opinion.   It is presumptuous in the extreme to tell someone what they should or should not do.  Lately, I am following the approach, "so what" and I just move on and focus on what makes me happy letting go of all the frustration.
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I'm all for posting a quick "FTF fieldlog" or something along the lines as soon as your name is on the paper. Others might visit the cache, hoping for the ftf, if this is not done. And it's soooo frustrating to find a cache without online logs only to find it's been logged already :-(
by kamla (1.1k points)