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+3 votes
The Live Map currently uses sliders to set the lower and upper bounds for Elevation. This is not very practical when trying to set the elevation to a certain exact interval. In my case, I'm looking for caches with an elevation between 750 and 800 m. I did manage to set the bounds accordingly by zooming deep into the webpage, so that the 'bound resolution' increases, but this is hardly practical.

A better way IMO would be to have companion numerical input boxes for the lower and upper bounds.
in Feature requests by Vooruit! (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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I agree!

I subserve challenge with condition: altitude of caches must be above 1000 m.
But with Elevation slider is not possible set this number, only 990m and then 1060m. And similarly another rounded numbers (500m, 2000m etc). Input boxes would be elegant solution!
by moravan (770 points)
selected by Vooruit!