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+4 votes
Hello I always wish these two badges were included soon or later, I had suggested a way in the past, that was to tag the logs of night and scuba caches in a similar way it's done for FTFs, so that the system could see the log and count it, but the answer was that it should have been the cache to be tagged, not the log, so that everyone who logged it would have been awarded the badge.

Wiuld it be possible to do something similar to what they're already doing for challenges? Two lists checked by admins where are included only actual night and scuba caches, and log sent to caches in those lists will automatically be counted for the badge.
It shouldn't be so hard, should it? There are not many night caches around and even less scubas, and with the help of the users it should be quite easy to enlist them all.
in Feature requests by ilTozzo (460 points)
FAQ says why it is not implemented by attributes, but explicit tagging in logs or list as with the challenges is probably a way to go.

1 Answer

0 votes
You're right with the help of the community, you can see all the caches and insert them in the system, but if project-GC did not think maybe another method of cataloging, it's long since we all wait for those badges, but sooner or later we will have them
by Riccardo98 (1.4k points)