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There are 2 new charts on the statistic page [Founds] - [Average difficulty per year] and [Average terrain per year]. Unfortuntaley there is no German translation. I checked the translation platform but I wasn't able to find this new strings. So I'm guessing this strings are forget to insert into the translation database.

Furthermore there are some other small incorrect translations in the German page, which I reported couple of month before, without any changements. Maybe it could be possible to include this corrections within this change.

in Bug reports by smellfooth (4.6k points)
where did you report the corrections? Did you open issues? The easiest way to get fixed strings in the translation platform is by contacting the one, who has rights to approve them (have a look at recent approved strings).

1 Answer

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These are completely new strings that were (probably) not generated and uploaded to translation tool. But don't worry, once they will be there, they will get translated.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by smellfooth
Now the strings were available on, but it seems the German translation is to long. The bars of the years are in my case only a rectangle with the same length, due to there isn't enough space. Maybe the translations have to be shorter?
Feel free to propose shorter translations. I do not know German so good, but the guys there will be happy to help you. You can also open issue directly to that specific string in crowdin, which will get more attention by the real translators than this message here.