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0 votes
Some geocachers who logged GC564PA used the checker feature to verify qualifications. However when I try and use the Challenge tool, no checker box appears to execute the script.
in Support and help by TheView (580 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
There is no Challenge Checker in the listing, but if you use the browser add-on:, you will get a matching Challenge Checker. Here is the link:
by spagg68 (1.3k points)
Thanks spagg68 for the quick and effective response. The link provided made the check. I wasn’t sure what you meant by the browser add-on though. I do most of my geocaching on an IPad with Safari being the Browser. Also what is the significance of the numbers following the forward slash after the GC ID? TheView
+1 vote
Also you can use the searchfield at and searcht by GC code.

The Numbers are the Checker ID
by capoaira (7.1k points)
Thanks capoaira but the link you provided is where the problem is. I put the GC ID in the box but no checker comes up.