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+3 votes
Please add a "Remove archived" and "Remove disabled" to the "Manage List" actions in the Virtual GPS.

Their is currently an option to "Remove owned" and "Remove found" on the "Manage List" drop down in the Virtual GPX screen.

I keep old VGPS lists to places I go to on a infrequent basis.  When I am ready to go back there, I refresh my VGPS and would like to easily remove any caches that have been archived (or disabled) since I last used that VGPS list.
in Feature requests by TravelingGeek (1.2k points)
This was already discussed years ago. There are known workarounds, but probably not implemented yet:

1 Answer

+1 vote

Yes, indeed.  As Jakuje mentioned this is already answered in:

The answer is to scroll to the right and find the "Last Archived" column and click the column header to sort by that header.

You can then easily check the first archived cache and scroll to find the last one.  Then you should Control-Click the last one.  That should select all of the archived caches and you can select Delete.

I still think it would be nice to have those options on the Mange button, but this is a very workable work-around.

by TravelingGeek (1.2k points)